Level 2
Supplementary Resources' Manual
Unit 1:   Can you speak English? Unit 12: What's going on?
Unit 2:   How do you spell that? Revision
Unit 3:   What do you want? Unit 13: What's it for?
Revision Unit 14: What happened?
Unit 4:   Is that correct? Unit 15: Where are you from?
Unit 5:   Where is it? Revision
Unit 6:   Tell me about it Unit 16: Can you help me?
Revision Unit 17: Keep moving
Unit 7:   What can it do? Unit 18: What happens next?
Unit 8:   What do you need? Revision
Unit 9:   Watch out! Unit 19: Fix it!
Revision Unit 20: Safety first
Unit 10: Here or there? Unit 21: What a great idea!
Unit 11: What's the problem? Revision
Units 10-18 games (1)
Units 10-18 games (2)
Publisher exercises
Spelling Bee
Resources' survey إستطلاع رأيك